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TAP Bottles is a group of high school students from the beautiful city of North Vancouver, British Columbia. We realized how much plastics affect the environment, and we wanted to make a difference. Plastic bottles are one of the biggest problems.

Our mission is to eliminate plastic bottles from our school and local community.

Most plastic bottles don't get recycled, and the ones that do still technically don't. They get shipped to developing countries and get burned back into their original form, oil. Most bottlesd water comes from a tap anyways.

We're making an album of photos called "The Problem". It will consist of pictures of plastic bottles on the street, in trash cans, in stores, vending machines, wherever. If you see one, take a picture of it and submit it to us and we'll put it in the album.

We're also going to make an album called "The Solution". For this, we'll have pictures of water refill stations, taps, re-usable bottles, etc. You can submit your pictures of these too.

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